Singing Bowls - Buying High Quality Bowls

04 Oct

One of the best things about singing bowls is the fact that they come in different styles and shapes. It also comes in different age which produces different sounds, which makes the job of finding one to buy for your money to be a little bit difficult. From antique to modern, small to big, sharp high tones to dulcet low tones and even metal to crystal singing bowls, the possibilities are literally endless. In figuring out how to find a singing bowl to buy, there are 2 related factors that you must take into consideration and these are the size and sound of the bowl you are buying.

Size of the Bowl

As what said earlier, singing bowls from SSI do come in wide varieties of sizes which has approximate range of 8 inches all the way to 20 inches. Consider whether you are planning to travel and take the bowl with you or not to help you finalize on the size. If so, then you might opt to get a bowl that is in the range of 8 to 10 inches that's easy to bring and carry around. And if not, then you can enjoy a bigger size bowls like 16 inches in its special and dedicated location in your house. If you are willing to compromise, you may buy singing bowls that are 11 to 14 inches which can be set permanently in your house or bring around if you are travelling.

The Tone of the Bowl

Remember that the pitch of the singing bowl is by no means related to its size. Smaller bowls are capable of producing high pitched tones while bigger bowls are producing deeper sounds. Think of what tones will resonate with you. You need to consider your favorite musical instruments or songs. Are you more attracted to warm, mellow and low tones or you prefer sharp high pitched tones?

There are many retailers online that also provide recordings of the way their bowl sounds to make the search easier. High quality bowls normally have tones that lingers for a little while and producing a clear, pure and rich sound. See to it that you've paid attention to how the sound can make you feel. The best singing bowls can create a sound that speaks to you on deeper level, can resonate and something that you'll enjoy listening.

These two factors are extremely important when buying a singing bowl so be sure that you don't take this for granted. Visit if you have questions.

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