How You Can Use the Tibetan Singing Bowls for the Healing Process

04 Oct

The singing bowls can be used for the processes of meditation, healing, and relaxation. They are small and circular bowls that work in the same way as the bells. When they are played, they tend to produce a melodious sound. The singing bowls mainly come from the area of Tibet. However, these bowls are also played in Bhutan, India, and Nepal. These bowls were used for a long time by the Tibetan Llamas. They were, however, considered to be sacred and therefore their existence remained to be a secret. This was until the invasion of Tibet by the Chinese.

In the past, a mixture of seven metals was used in the making of these bowls. However, today most of the singing bowls are made with three to five metals. The sound that is produced by these bowls will allow you to relax deeply. When the bowl is placed on the body, the sound waves can get to every cell with vibrations. These vibrations will massage the cells when they are passing through the body.

There are two methods you can use to play the singing bowls. One method is by using a mallet to strike it. The second method is using a wooden stick to rub the bowl so that it produces continuous singing tones. When you move the mallet around the bowl, you will find that various tones are produced.  Know more about Silver Sky Imports.

When you are getting ready for the cellular sound massage, you will first need to lay flat on your back. Ensure that you are comfortable. You can then place the singing bowl on your chest. It will be best to use a non-slip mat as the vibrations will tend to make the bowls to slide. When everything is in place, and you are comfortable, you can then use the mallet to strike the singing bowl.

When the bowl begins to ring, your ear will pick up those tones that are low. You will then begin to hear the ringing of the bowl and also the feel those sound waves that are passing through your body. Your chest area mostly consists of a large air chamber. The chamber will behave in the same way the hollow cavity of the guitar will act. The sound will vibrate in your chest before it can continue to the rest of the body. As you keep concentrating on these sounds your body will continue to get relaxed. Please check out if you have questions.

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